Registration is almost here and Beyond the Classroom is stepping out of the box. We have teamed with local e-ticketing business YEG Live to handle our registration needs. If you read their story you will see they are a perfect fit for a conference aimed at people who specialize in educating out of the box.

Those of us who are working on planning BTCC were more than excited when Karen Unland, of the soon to be Edmonton Journal School, suggested YEG Live at a meeting where no one sitting around the table wanted to do the job of registration. If you run a site, this next month to 6 weeks will find you knee deep in the application process for your available weeks next year, budgeting as well as running the current program. So we don’t need to tell you, how thrilling it was to learn there are trained professionals who will collect your information and payment safely and efficiently (nothing to be lost or late “in the mail”), provide us with frequent number updates for catering planning and even supply us a file that allows us to print name tags.

Come back, April 1 and click on our link to register for Beyond the Classroom Conference 2012.