Session: Week-at-a-Glance: Site Schools from far and away

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This year’s ‘Beyond the Classroom’ Conference is being held in Edmonton from June 21-23.  The conference will explore the Open Minds / Inquiring Minds learning model pioneered by Gillian Kydd and Don Harvie.  This three day event seeks to gather educators currently working with this model, as well as draw educators with an interest in learning more and potentially starting a pilot program.

In the spirit of sharing and peer-to-peer education, we are providing several opportunities to learn specifically about what various current sites are doing.  On Day 3 of the Conference there will be visits to various site-schools in Edmonton and area (attendees will chose from Zoo school, Ice school, Fort Edmonton School and more).  But what about sites from outside of Edmonton?  How will they share what they are doing?  Well, please read on…

We are looking for site school coordinators interested in showcasing their week of program activities during a ninety minute presentation that will feature three speakers. This will be a fairly casual session based on peer-to-peer interaction and learning; our aim is to generate discussion and idea sharing inspired by the audience’s experience of three different sites through the presentations.  Each presenter will have 20 minutes to walk the audience through a week at their site, and 10 minutes for Q&A.  You will have the option of using slides (photos of students, projects, site, etc.) and / or hands on materials, as best fits your presentation.

Session Description

Week-at-a-Glance: Site Schools from far and away

Various presenters

90 minutes

Program coordinators from three different sites present an introductory ‘virtual tour’ of a typical week.  This session highlights sites from outside of Edmonton with a walk-through / slide-show of student experiences and the activities they engage in.  Session attendees will learn directly from coordinators and experience a diversity of approaches at a variety of locations as well as ask questions and share ideas.  This is a perfect opportunity to be inspired while also adding ideas and activities to your ‘site-school toolbox’.

If you are interested in presenting, please email me with the following info by Tuesday, May 25 at noon to kyla [DOT] tichkowsky [AT] gov [DOT] ab [DOT] ca:

1.      Name:

2.      Site:

3.      City:

4.      Year that your program began:

5.      Draft schedule of what a typical week at your site looks like for your visiting classes:

We are very excited to learn about sites outside of Edmonton, as is our audience.  We look forward to hearing from prospective presenters!  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.